A versatile range of products adhering to the strictest industry standards and specifications.


Providing apt solutions, expertise and offerings with applications suited for a wide gamut of industries.

The Gemini Process
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  • Curiosity

    Instant follow ups to understand
    requirements and provide
    equipment to enhance your

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  • Clarity and Trust
    Clarity & Trust

    Ensuring business support
    through transparency and
    dedicated customer care
    for your business continuity.

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  • Focused Next Steps
    Focused Next Steps

    Using industry know-how to
    study your needs and presenting
    apt solutions within a budget.

Why our process is trusted
  • Customer Focus
    Customer Focus

    Consultation and thorough
    backend services provided
    throughout your Gemini

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  • Leadership

    25 years of rich experience in the
    industrial and construction
    equipment business.

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  • Legacy

    Representing handpicked, trusted
    global brands to provide you with
    only the best solutions.


Mr. Sanjay Marne
Alfa Laval India Ltd.-Pune

inverted up We are happy to have Haulotte Scissor lifts with us, which have helped us to save time executing work at heights and enhanced safety at work place. inverted Down

Mr. R N Pandey
AREVA T&D India Ltd.-Naini

inverted up The performance of the equipment is excellent and Gemini Power Hydraulics, Mumbai is providing good service. inverted Down

Mr. Sachin Thite
Atlas Copco India Ltd.-Pune

inverted up Due to Scissor lift we have saved at least 15% on our working man hours. It increases safety. inverted Down

Mr. B. Elayo
Bangalore International Airport Ltd.

inverted up We have found perfomance of the machine is satisfactory and Gemini Power Hydraulics is proving good service. inverted Down

Mr. Vivek Upadhyay
Bharti Walmart

inverted up Please accept this note as token of my appreciation for Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. I really want to thank them for provinding us with exceptional customer service. inverted Down

Mr. Sharad Ashani
Crompton Greaves Ltd.

inverted up We do wish to mention here that usage of machines helped us to save time executing work at height and enhance safety at work place. inverted Down

Mr. Rahul D. Salunke
Eaton Industrial Systems Pvt Ltd.

inverted up We have found the performance of these machines to be good and the after sales support provided by Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. is also prompt and satisfactory. inverted Down

Mr. Vijay Chauhan
Godfrey Phillips

inverted up We really thank them for providing such equipments which help us to save time while working at height. inverted Down

Mr. Nilesh Gore
Rexam HTW beverages Can India Ltd.

inverted up We want to thank you for providing such equipments which have helped us to save time executing the work at height and enhance safety at the work place. inverted Down

Mr. R. Rajesh
L&T Hydrocarbon Eningeering Ltd.

inverted up This is to certify that L&T have purchased the manlinf in 2012, the same has commissioned and perfoming satisfactory at our site till date. inverted Down

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Since the past 25 year we are in the business of providing a "WOW" experience to those who are looking for technologically advanced, high quality first world manufactured work saving tooling products that adhere to Industry standards and specifications, that are Enabled by local engineering and Pan India maintenance/ onsite services.

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Gemini Power Hydraulics
Private Limited

Gemini House,
Bus Depot Lane, Deonar,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088
Phone: 91 22 66819999 Email -

Gemini Power Hydraulics Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company. We have been in the business of supplying equipment and work saving tools since the year 1988. We have partnered with many world renowned companies as their authorized distributor for sale and after sales service in India. Our offerings include products like Hydraulic Tools, Work Saving Engineering Tools, Aerial Work Platforms, Heavy engineering solutions etc.

We are engineering tools supplier and dealers of HI-FORCE - UK, HAULOTTE - FRANCE, CEMBRE - ITALY and many other principals are from countries like Germany, Netherland, Japan, Israel, etc. We have also diversified into Manufacturing and assembling of quality products indigenously. We are manufacturing Portable Fuel Bowser and Ginjoe Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit and assembling vehicle mounted access platforms indigenously. Our engineering team is highly qualified and technology savvy and time to time trained by Abroad Principals.

With our corporate office in Mumbai, we have office located in many important cities in India, equipped with qualified and trained engineers. Our customer includes all important names from Oil and Gas, Industrial and construction segments.

We also provide services like Controlled Bolting of all types of Flanges, BOP & Equipment using Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Bolt Tensioners. Our In-Situ machining expertise includes machining of all type of Flanges, Boiler Man Ways, Turbine casing, Heat Exchangers, Cold Cutting of Pipes & Casing complimented by competent service technicians certified by Peak Performance, UK.

In our Endeavour of providing cost effective customized solutions to the Indian industry, Gemini is providing a wide range of specialized hire equipment, complemented by competent technical manpower and quality service for all. The services are carried out in accordance to National and International Standards.

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