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Nut Splitting

We offer nut splitter upto 75 mm A/F complete with accessories and qualified operator.

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Wide Range of Nut Splitter Tools

Nut Splitting range of tools has been developed to assist in the removal of corroded, seized or damaged nuts. The Nut Splitter tools have a shrouded cutting head to contain the split nut and have been developed to increase the access to tight flange joints. The tools have no exposed finger pinch points and are supplied with a swivel handle and a safety lanyard as standard.


If you are looking for Hydraulic Nut Splitter Supplier and dealers, you are at the right place.

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Since the past 25 year we are in the business of providing a "WOW" experience to those who are looking for technologically advanced, high quality first world manufactured work saving tooling products that adhere to Industry standards and specifications, that are Enabled by local engineering and Pan India maintenance/ onsite services.

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