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Multi Loader 6.0

  • AlmaCrawler offers the Multi-Loader 6.0, a latest-generation crawler carrier equipped with a bi-levelling system and radio remote controls, designed to meet the needs of those who carry heavy loads, up to 6000 kg. To achieve such a high capacity, the company team has developed the Multi Loading platform, an innovative element that offers the possibility of handling large loads of different types.
  • Capacity: 6000 kg
  • Autonomy: until 8 h
  • Recharging time: 5h
  • Multi Loader ELC – a full electric model that features the innovative Lead Crystal no.8 180Ah 48V, which is able to ensure up to 8 hours of mixed cycle operation, being able to use a travel maximum speed of 2.6 km/h. Thanks to the high-frequency battery charger installed directly inside the main chassis, it is possible to charge the battery completely in just 5 hours, while a 220V- 2.2Kw auxiliary electric pump allows for the carrier to be used while the battery is being charged.
  • Multi Loader EVO – equipped with a high-performance Yanmar 3TNV76 (diesel) – 25HP combustion engine, reaches a maximum speed of 3.7 km/h and is mainly indicated for outdoor use.
  • Multi Loader Bi-Energy – featuring two engines, combustion and electric, it offers great versatility of use, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Building material
  • Industrial and civil fixtures
  • Glass panels
  • Extension cable transducer
  • Encoder for turret rotation
  • Inclination sensor for the boom angle

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