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TZX Series

TZX Series


  • Working Height: 17m to 22.5m,
  • Made from high strength aluminium,
  • Double articulating telescopic booms,
  • The low centre of gravity and
  • Excellent stability when driving on uneven ground and slopes.

  • TZX 170 C/R

    Working Height- 17m (55.76ft)
    Platform Height- 15m (49.2ft)
    Horizontal Reach- 7.8 m (25.58ft)
    Capacity- 200kgs
    Power- AC/Battery/Diesel
    Usage- Indoor/Outdoor

  • TZX 190 C/R

    Working Height- 19m (62.32ft)
    Platform Height- 17m (55.76ft)
    Horizontal Reach- 8.5 m (27.88ft)
    Capacity- 200kgs
    Power- AC/Battery/Diesel
    Usage- Indoor/Outdoor

  • TZX 225 C/R

    Working Height- 22.5 m (73.8ft)
    Platform Height- 20.5 m (67.24ft)
    Horizontal Reach- 10 m 32.8 m
    Capacity- 120-200kgs
    Power- AC/Battery/Diesel
    Usage- Indoor/Outdoor

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