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Mini Cranes

Mini Cranes

Telescopic mini crawler cranes with outriggers designed for easy transport and utmost handiness. These machines can work in very different places – slopes, stairs, passageways and difficult-to-reach places – and do not require long set-up: a new and convenient lifting system that ensures savings in terms of time and money as well as elevated safety levels and improved lifting perdormance.

  • SPX312

    Max. load capacity: 1200 kg
    Dimensions: 2790 x 770 x 1600 mm
    Max. lifting height: 10.9 m
    Max. horizontal reach: 9.5 m
    Power: Petrol/Battery

  • SPX424

    Max. load capacity: 2400 kg
    Dimensions: 3150 x 775 x 1950 mm
    Max. lifting height: 15.2 m
    Max. horizontal reach: 11.8 m
    Power: Petrol/Battery

  • SPX429

    Max. load capacity: 2940 kg
    Dimensions: 3560 x 780 x 1955 mm
    Max. lifting height: 17 m
    Max. horizontal reach: 11 m
    Power: Petrol/Battery

  • SPX532

    Max. load capacity: 3200 kg
    Dimensions: 3120 x 770 x 1950 mm
    Max. lifting height: 17.3 m
    Max. horizontal reach: 14.8 m
    Power: Diesel

  • SPX536

    Max. load capacity: 3600 kg
    Dimensions: 4145 x 1100 x 1960 mm
    Max. lifting height: 18.5 m
    Max. horizontal reach: 11.2 m
    Power: Diesel

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