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Automated Hydro Jetting Machine

Automated Hydro Jetting Machine

Perfect for Inside and Outside Bundle Cleaning. Automated equipment for choked bundles.

We offer 100% safe, reliable automated hydrojetting equipments for insitu and washingbay applications.

They enhance faster & cleaner operation by 30% over conventional cleaning method.

  • Inside Bundle Cleaner 5 Lances (IBC-5)

    Pump (gear): 19cc + 8cc
    Engine: Silent pack HATZ diesel Mod. 2L41C
    Cubic capacity: 1,716cc (2 cylinders)
    Horse power: 33 Hp at 3.000 RPM
    L/R travel: 170 cm

  • Outside Bundle Cleaner

    Engine: Silent pack HATZ diesel Mod. 1D18C
    Horse power: 11 Hp at 2.400RPM
    Cooling system: Air
    Oil tank: 115L
    Hydraulic system: 25L at 120 bar

  • Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3-XLTC)

    Hose size {OD}: 6 mm - 15 mm (.236" - .590")
    Type of hose possibility: 4/2, 5/2, 6/2, 8/2, 8/4
    Maximum 00 hose coupling: 20 mm (.787")

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